December 28, 2008

A MeSsaGe FoR TeRRoRiSTs

I have no idea about what is happening in this world.
we should celebrate this new year with happiness in our smiles, not making tears flow down.
but what now? we heard an explotion in Palestina by is a damn thing to hear.why don't we live peacefully just for a second, if we can not make it for a long time.
thinking how complex our world, we must understand each other.
there is a quote, there will be no peaceful if there is no war.damn it!! who had created it?!?frankly, I disagree with that quote.we can make peaceful with a safe situation.
just imagine if someone whom you loved so much was killed suddenly, don't you feel sad? don't you wanna cry? don't you wanna find the killer and kill him/her/them? you absolutely know this feeling.
so why you have to take another lives if you can feel the sorrow?
it's a deep pain for the family whom you killed their relatives.
and it hurts them so much.
are you happy looking at their tears?? if you're happy, let God make them feel happy too, by your painful, that could be your death.
just think it over before killing someone else. replace yourself in their place !
Peaceful For 2009.-

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