November 28, 2008

what has happened with us??

why is United States more advanced in international trade?
why is Japan more advanced in technology?
why is England more advanced in education?
why is Thailand more advanced in tourism?

the only answer is because they are proud of their nations.

the feeling of proud of their nations stimulates them to give the best, they can do for their nations. they want everything that they have done will make their nations lead at the front. it is the basic thought if we want to make our nation becomes advanced among another.
unfortunately, we sometimes ignore this feeling by thinking our nation is just the biggest organization where we live and are protected under it. we do not realize how rich our nation, comparing with another countries. we have the ability to advance this country and lead another by our power. but the problem is we are LAZY.
we are lazy to do something usefull, we are lazy to say our nation's ability, and we are lazy to give the worthy for this nation.
what we do is just making money, even we have to 'sell' our nation's name.
what has happened with us??

as long as we do not do positive act, this nation always be nothing in this world.

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